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Service staff - waiters and receptionists are key representatives and true ambassadors for the facility they represent, the product they offer, and they are even ambassadors for their country. It is because of this that the behaviour of service staff is the most important segment of the overall business and success of a company or facility whose business is based on service provision.

21st-century guests want value for their money, but in addition to the material aspect, they attach great importance to the personal aspect, as well.

The 21st-century guests have a sense of self-awareness and awareness of the funds they invest, and believe that they are entitled to demand respect and value for their money, as well as to expect from the company to show the same level of awareness and to make them feel valued.

Real concern for the welfare of guests and their needs is called hospitality. In practice, this means that waiters and receptionists are trained and knowledgeable about human functioning, and that they are trained to evoke positive emotions from your guests.

Service staff is one in whom you need to invest the most, if your ultimate goal is success and progress.

We train waiters and receptionists in hospitality ethics, how to communicate with guests, and how to recognize and satisfy their needs, how to recognize and manage the emotional states of your guests, how to create a positive atmosphere and evoke positive emotions in your guests, so they will want to return to your facility.

Providing tailored-made service to guests is a key segment of the hospitality ethics.

Our training programmes focus on successful communication, while emphasizing hospitality, and they are based on the knowledge of the human behaviour, perception and needs, along with the emotional stability of the service staff.


Your company will carry the quality label according to the principles of hospitality ethics after your waiters and receptionists have undergone training and have met the necessary hospitality ethics requirements. We train candidates to manage guest satisfaction and provide exceptional service to guests.

TRAINING OBJECTIVE - service staff will learn to integrate the following skills and knowledge into their behaviour:


  • They set your company apart from the rest of the market
  • They achieve user satisfaction and create an emotional attachment of the user to your brand
  • They acknowledge users’ worth
  • They help your service staff gain emotional and psychological stability that they need in order to handle working with people and to reduce fatigue
  • They are contributing to the development and increase of humanity in the world
  • They improve your company’s image
  • They ensure your company’s development
  • They help your company evolve into a high-class company
  • They are consistent with your goals and objectives
  • They ensure a safe step forward in business
  • They are tailor-made to suit the needs and to match their level of knowledge
  • They are adjusted to your company’s stage of development
  • They are innovative and aligned with global trends in this field with the aim of inciting corporate and personal change in service staff that leads to perfection
  • They are characterized by a training approach, which means that they enable a high degree of involvement of all participants and their development, regardless of their level of development at the beginning of the training

NOTE: Before the training we learn about your company and your needs, as well as the level of development of hospitality ethics in your approach to guests. We enable maximum growth and development of each individual of your team because they are inevitably directly involved in the training and in working on topics based on experience.