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For an industry that is created and survives because of the customers, and an industry in which the guests are at the centre of its activities, the purpose, passion and motivation lie in meeting the needs of the guests. Your job is people, and the quality of the service you provide depends on the technical and personal conditions you provide to passengers. In the 21st century, people travel more than ever and spend many hours in an airplane. Therefore, they find that the time spent aboard an airplane should be spent in a good way, and that it should be a pleasant experience that they will enjoy and remember. For this reason, to provide them with special experience aboard an airplane you need to provide them with the content and atmosphere that the modern man requires, as well as deserves.

Since the passengers solely engage with the cabin crew during the entire flight, it depends on the staff what impression and message the passengers will pass on about your airline. A single member of the staff can behave in a way that can devalue all your efforts and entire business of your airline, because passengers’ opinion about the company service is based on the behaviour of staff. Focus on human values is an extremely important segment of the airline business, so it is important to invest in people on both ends of the service process.

We train candidates to manage customer satisfaction and provide five-star customer service.

Hospitality ethics is extremely important for maintaining and improving first-class service. It is a tool well known to you, given that you work in an industry that has the honour of working with people.

By providing a service based on hospitality ethics, you make your passengers feel valuable and precious, and by providing a five-star service, you set your company apart, create a new image, but also outperform your competition.

Our training programmes focus on the success of provision of service aboard an aircraft with an emphasis on hospitality, and are based on the knowledge of human functioning, perception and human, while at the same time ensuring the emotional stability of the service staff.


Your company will carry the service quality label in accordance with the principles of hospitality ethics after your employees have undergone required training programmes and have mastered hospitality ethics

TRAINING OBJECTIVE – the cabin crew will learn and integrate the following into their behaviour:


  • They set your airline apart from the rest of the market
  • They achieve passengers’ satisfaction and create an emotional attachment of the passengers to your brand
  • Your passengers feel respected and valued
  • They help your employees develop and maintain emotional and psychological stability that they need in their work and reduce fatigue
  • They contribute to the development and increase of humanity in the world
  • They improve your company’s image
  • They ensure your company’s development
  • They help your company evolve into a high-class company
  • They are consistent with your airline’s goals and objectives
  • They ensure a safe step forward in business
  • They are tailor-made to suit the needs and the level of knowledge of your employees
  • They are adjusted to your company’s stage of development
  • They are innovative and aligned with global trends in this field with the aim of inciting corporate and personal change in the staff that lead to perfection
  • They are characterized by a training approach, which enables a high degree of involvement of all participants and their development, regardless of their level of development at the beginning of the training

    NOTE: Before the training we learn about your company and your needs, as well as the level of development of hospitality ethics in your approach to passengers. We enable maximum growth and development of each individual of your team because they are inevitably directly involved in the training and in working on topics based on experience.