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Global Hospitality Care was established in Croatia 2016 because of the need to spread awareness of the human value and the development of human resources in the field of services. Users’ experience, as well as their dissatisfaction with service processes, has led to the idea to improve business on the one hand, and to enable users to receive value-for-money service tailored to their emotional state and needs, on the other. This is an approach worthy of a 21st-century user, and because of its high purposefulness the GHC mission is spreading rapidly around the world.

Global Hospitality Care was created and established by


My life story was both difficult and interesting. Life has set me quite a challenge that I have transformed into something useful to the world. I have woven all the insights that I had gained from negative events that I had experienced throughout my life into the business I do. I help people develop so they can get to know themselves, their value, and finally, the value of others.


I first performed this within the Center for Personal Growth and Development, which I founded in 2012. The Centre gathered and still gathers a large number of people who work on themselves and educate themselves in the human resource development field. I finally utilized my key life insights at GHC in 2016 when the idea of GHC came to me, which combined all my life experiences and insights into a project extremely useful to the world. The GHC combines humanity and human value with profit and image. If you know how to show to people that they are valuable, they will be loyal. That’s why I always ask myself, “Why am I so afraid of the competition, then?” That’s why I think the GHC is a powerful concept which creates human synergy and makes a big difference.

Nowadays, people want value for their money, especially when it comes to service. The GHC gives people what they want, and people naturally reciprocate, which is then channeled into profit.

I am motivated by the fact that with the GHC I contribute to a positive change in the world, the one that contributes to the human well-being, growth, self-awareness, and which they pass on to the world around them. This sets off a chain reaction that makes the world better, while I fulfil my purpose in life which I had learned through life lessons.

When I think of the development of the GHC, I have a material aspect in mind, but I am primarily concerned with raising human awareness on the topics of humanity and interconnectedness, as well as with the fact that the GHC employs a large number of people who will thus generate sufficient income to be able to afford a well-deserved quality of life.

Profit is best generated when it is not the primary focus, but rather a consequence, especially a consequence of high-quality human interactions.


GHC Training Manager, expert in Human Resources Development and GHC programmes implementation in the field.


After a formal education in the field of administrative law, she began working in photography, developing a family business, until life decided to play tricks on her so she lost her footing, while at the same time it enabled her to undergo radical change. By seeking a deeper meaning in life, she found her true self in working with other people, on the development of human resources.

Helping people became her true purpose in life, and to fulfil that purpose she has employed all her life experiences that are invaluable for her and her environment.

She obtained many prestigious diplomas and certificates from the NLP Institute owned by Melita Manojlović: Nlp Practitoner, Nlp Master, NLP Trainer, licensed Life/Business Coach, while her most important achievement is the vast knowledge she continues to use in her work.

She is presently working on the development of the GHC project with Melita, leads training programmes and manages human resources trainers at the GHC. She found professional fulfilment at the GHC because it was in perfect harmony with the values which she had learned through life and by which she is still guided in life. Professionalism, empathy, energetic approach and goal-orientation are her key competencies, which are recognized by the GHC as most important values.

“I believe the GHC project has a great potential for raising awareness in people, to make them become aware of their own values, and I think of it as a channel through which they can convey their knowledge and to make it easier for people who face challenges in their daily work with people. The GHC focuses on the human being as such, with all his flaws and virtues, with the aim of achieving mutual satisfaction in the service process on both the providing and receiving end of the process, while applying the GHC postulates to create the hospitality effect. My overall knowledge and experience have helped me develop a keen interest in observing human emotions and behaviour. I have learned how to get through to people, how to impart new knowledge and skills to them, and how to help them apply that knowledge and skills in their lives and work as early as possible. The GHC motivates me because all my strengths and skills are integrated in their programmes and it enables me to present my inner self in the best possible way and to thus to contribute to a change in the world around me.”